Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rose Cameo--Tumbler

Rose Cameo Tumbler

I have a friend that I see at the thrift store from time to time.  She's an older lady that knows we collect depression glass.  I told her that Chimene's grandmother worked in one of the glass making plants during the Great Depression.  We think it was the Fostoria Glass Company.

One day, while I was thrifting, my friend said, "I have something for your wife".  She came back into the store with a Rose Cameo tumbler.  She didn't want anything for it.  She said it made her happy to give something to someone who would appreciate it.  Very generous indeed.

I did a little research on the Rose Cameo pattern and found that it was made by the Belmont Tumbler Company, but was actually thought to have been manufactured by the Hazel Atlas Glass Company.  The pattern was made in only seven pieces and for only one year and only in green.  This is a very exclusive piece indeed.

I got my information on this piece from suziemax.com.  Because this was a gift, I will not be assessing it's value.  It would seem wrong to me to do that. 

The cool thing about green depression glass is that it was made with Uranium and it glows under UV light.  I don't have the best photo setup, but I was able to capture this piece in it's glowing state.


Glowing in UV light

Better picture of the pattern in UV light

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