Friday, April 12, 2013

Heisey, Athena--Double Branch Candlesticks

Pair of Heisey, Athena Double Branch Candlesticks

About a year ago I was in a thrift store and came across this pair of candlesticks.  Each one selling for $1.50.  I knew they were special and picked them up immediately.

I went home and researched them online.  I have a few sources for research which include Replacements LTD, Ebay and the ever faithful Google.

On Google, I used an image search for the terms double branch candlestick, and double light candlestickSearching in this way leads to hundreds of thumbnail pictures of anything that has the entire search phrase or parts of it.  Typically the image I am looking for will appear within the first hundred thumbnails.  I click on the image links and follow them to the page to learn about the pattern and the manufacturer.

Most often these picture links will lead to people who are trying to sell the glass online and so there's a starting place to assess the value of the items.

From there I go to Replacements LTD to assess the real value.  Replacements LTD is a company that specializes in glass and tableware for the collector and have perhaps the largest inventory of original glass on the planet.  I believe them to be the best indicator of the real value of the pieces.  Of course assessing the value is all academic to me because I'm a collector, not a seller.  Still, it's nice to know.

This pair of candlesticks were made by the A. H. Heisey Glass Company in the Athena pattern between 1943 and 1948.  This pattern was made for sale through Montgomery Ward stores and catalogs. They measure 4 3/4" tall, 7 1/2" wide, with a base that is 5 3/4" in diameter.  The cups are ribbed to hold the candle in place better and there are no maker's marks on them. 

I am an enthusiast, not an expert on glass so I don't pretend to be able to assess the quality or condition of the pieces, but my layman's eye only finds two small scratches on the base of one of the pieces.  When I run my fingertips over the edges of the piece and the mold seams I find no irregularities or chips or nicks.  Whoever donated them to the thrift store had used them but not heavily because there is a little wax residue left in the cups and small bits of melted wax here and there.  Otherwise they seem perfect to me

.Replacements LTD places the value of a pair of these candlesticks at $149.95.

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