Friday, December 11, 2015

Singing with Karen and Richard

Me singing with The Carpenters.  I was the kid closest to Karen

Blast From The Past
Back in 1973, when I was in the sixth grade, The Carpenters had a hit song that charted at #3.  The song was "Sing."  The song had a children's chorus.  When The Carpenters toured in 1973, they had a tourdate in Rexburg, Idaho at Ricks College.  Their manager scouted ahead to all of the cities where they were to play and made contact with the district music teachers to find the best sixth grade class to sing with the group.  My sixth grade class at Lincoln Elementary School was selected.

We practiced for weeks.  The Carpenters were doing two performances back to back so they split our sixth grade class in two equal halves.  I was selected to be in the late show.  Because I was the shortest kid in our class, I was put on the end.  When we marched out on stage, the lights were bright and we were excited.  The song started and we sang.  During her vocals, Karen came over and stood next to me. crouched down and put her arm around me and sang to me.  I was the only one in our group that Karen sang to.

I was in love.  We were all in love.

Thank you Renee Whitehead for posting this pic